Thursday, May 3, 2018

Auvillar & The Chemin de Saint-Jacques de Compostelle / Camino de Santiago / The Way of St James - a portion of the pilgrims' route

This was an unexpected happy surprise to stumble onto the Chemin de St Jacques / the Camino de Santiago / The Way of St James, as we chugged along the Canal du Garonne between Moissac and Valence d' Agen.
And to visit Auvillar - a 6 km walk, one way, from the boat in Valence d'Agen to Auvillar - well worth every step.

It's 'that' way...

Lots of backpacker sightings in these parts, doing 'The Way'

Little 'guides' along 'The Way'

St Pierre Church

Streets of Auvillar - this village is listed as one of the most beautiful in France

Excellent boulangerie - on our shortlist of best authentic ones we've tried so far.

Of course, it helps to have a charming friendly French baker behind the counter;-)
Bonjour Charles!

Market day Sunday was foggy in the morning,

but cleared up by noon.

My higher expectations for this village were met indeed.

Auvillar's view of the Garonne Valley

The village on a hill.

Yes, it's nuclear powered

L'Abbaye Saint Pierre de Moissac

Side tour to a historical site

                       That's not wallpaper.

All that, plus unexpected 'secret' passageway at le Cloitre.