Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

cont. Baja Haha 2016

A pictorial timeline.

The Baja Fleet, led by Grand Poobah's Profligate, assembling in San Diego Bay, between Shelter Island and Coronado.

Escorted by a water canon pumping Coast Guard boat.

Crew of the Mai Tai decked out in our custom vessel T-shirts and Halloween costume hats for the send off parade. 

Helicopter fly by over Profligate.

Making our way to the entrance of San Diego Bay. 

The Baja Fleet passing Point Loma and Cabrillo Lighthouse. 

Coronado Islands 

Wind picked up soon after we passed Islas Coronados.

The charts.

All 3 boys got their fish - tuna (x2), dorado, 'california'.

Amazing sunrises and sunsets, touchdowns.

Bahia Tortuga anchorage.

In town, Bahia Tortuga.

The main paved boulevard in town.

Bahia Tortuga, town of 1,500 population, has 6 baseball teams. Proud of their sparkling baseball stadium in the middle of the dusty town.

Vera Cruz, famous Haha joint, ran out of tequila for margarita's when we arrived the next morning. Uno cerveza por favor then.

Bahia Santa Maria anchorage. Remote panga fishing outpost. Made Bahia Tortuga look like Manhattan.

SY Mai Tai. Great swimming (around and under the boat) at this anchorage.

Evening concert with dinghy raft-up behind the Profligate.

Beach party at Bahia Santa Maria. Victor's family and friends brought lunch, cervezas and the best margaritas, and a really good rock band.

The Morning After...
November 2016 "God help us"

Onward to Cabo.

 Best seat in the house.

Best napping spot in the house.

Cabo San Lucas.

What IS the sound of three hands clapping?

For our anchor shots.

Beach party at Cabo San Lucas bay.

Marina Cabo San Lucas.

Adios Amigos.