Monday, April 16, 2018

Canal du Midi - Castlenaudery to Toulouse (updated May 2018)

To get a feel for the locks on the canal, a few videos here:

Sunrise in Castlenaudery

A few locals

Yep, this one is charging at me. I think it's mating season.

La merde, it is everywhere.
(Thanks for the book Mary! very fun!)

But they are trying...

Mc D is alive and well in the land of foodies.

Just had to pop into the local Sotheby's office in Toulouse, tres charming!

Complete with map of the US on their wall

They even had something perfect for Abigail le princess!

When the place is hundreds of years old, a stroll down the street looks like this -  on location in Toulouse and Castlenaudary:

And the most massive church I've experienced so far, St Etienne (St Anne) in Toulouse,
undergoing some renovations.

And it won't be France without the foodie goodies;-)
Love the boulangeries all over the place!

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